Shed Horn Hunting

Are you familiar with the activity of “Shed Horn Hunting”?

Shed horn hunting is the act of searching the underbrush of wooded areas for recently dropped elk or deer antlers. Early spring is the best time of year to try your luck at searching for these illusive treasures.

Using elk horns as part of home decor

Elk prefer to enjoy the habitat of the higher elevations of our mountainous terrain. As snow accumulates, the elk's feeding grounds become nearly extinct. The oncoming of spring brings necessary migration to lower elevations to sustain their eating habits.

We're at 1100 feet above sea level at Carbon Country’s Shady Rest. This makes us one of the most attractive eating grounds for these majestic animals. They're often right in our front yard! I don’t know how many times my husband has had to repair fence line around our property due to a herd of elk being spooked and running straight thru the wire.

It's common in the early morning and at dusk to see the beautiful Roosevelt Elk feasting on our lawn and also on my flower beds! This can be frustrating as they aren't tidy eaters, so flowers suffer.

As the elk hustle through our fence lines, they run to the Foothills Trail located across the street. They hide themselves among the foliage and continue to feed from whatever new spring sprouts they can find.

At this time, the elk begin loosing or shedding their antlers. This is one more of Mother Nature’s mysterious wonders of the world. New antlers grow throughout the summer months in preparation for the breeding season in the fall.

Does taking advantage of the early spring opportunity of shed horn hunting appeal to you?

Or maybe you'd enjoy a leisurely stroll along the groomed Foot Hills trail?

This is the perfect way to begin the summer hiking season. You will want to take advantage of our Elk Horn Adventure at Carbon Country's Shady Rest Bed and Breakfast. So take a LOOK NOW to see what we've created for you.

Happy Spring!!


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