You Can Now Celebrate Spring With Us!

Did you know Washington State has moved into phase three?

This means indoor activites can be held at 50 percent up to 400 people with social distancing and mask wearing remaining. Outdoor spectator sports are reinstated. HIghschool and yourth sports return. But the best news is we are now able to welcome guests into all three of our luxurious rooms.

So . . . come explore a weekend of adventure. Indulge in a leisurely hike along the Foot Hills Trail. Relax on our deck while absorbing our beautiful spring season.

Why not join us for our Elk Horn Adventure. Searh for elk horns along our numerous trails.

Let us take care of the details while you reenergize, recoup and recover from all of the last year’s undertakings. Treat yourself to restful sleep, bountiful meals, and the invigorating outdoors. And if you're lucky, you'll have a treasured elk horn to rememeber your stay here.

We look forward to hosting your visit. So check your calendar, pack your bags, and choose your ROOM HERE


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