Washington State's Best Pizza

We have big happenings here along the Carbon Canyon Corridor. Have you heard the latest news? Have you ever feasted on gourmet wood fired pizza? We are home to Washington State’s Best Pizza says the Seattle Times. We live in an area where there are only 500-600 people in each small town. When a local business is featured as the best in your entire state, this, my friends is big news!!
The Carlson Block, located just 2 miles from Carbon Countrys Shady Rest Bed and Breakfast, is the place to feast on Washington State’s Best Pizza.
This husband and wife team business is so popular that on weekends people from all around Washington State begin lining up to an hour before the doors open at 3:00 pm. Chef Ian creates his own signature sourdough pizza dough. He also uses his own hand-made mozzarella cheese. He tops off his pizzas with ingredients such as bacon and Brussels sprouts or sausage and fennel, along with many other options. Add a cold beer or glass of your favorite wine. Pair your pizza with warmed cheese and kale dip served with pita chips. Don’t skip dessert! Finish off your meal with The Carlson's creamy cheese cake—a local favorite.
How about being one of the first ones in line? Bring your appetites and Book Now—you’ll want to get ahead of the crowds.


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