A Unique and Fun Local Event

Shelley Wright

When we travel, we enjoy exploring local events, people, and culture. Rodeos, concerts, museums all allow us a personal connection with the area.

Buckley Washington, nestled in the northwest foothills of Mount Rainier and 8 miles from Carbon Country’s Shady Rest, is home to one of these unique events. The Buckley Log Show.
In past years Buckley’s Annual Log Show always came to life the last full weekend of June. The free admission event has been referred to by the local people as “Christmas in June” Due to the pandemic, this year’s two day event has been scheduled for September 18th and 19th 2021. So, it will be “Christmas in September”.

The two day show boasts rigorous competition amongst local loggers. Events include speed climbing to the top of a 75 ft. spar pole, custom made from a car engine, a chainsaw cutting thru a 3ft log in 2.5 seconds, log rolling over a 4 ft. deep pond, ax throwing, raffles, clown skits and much more. Many past guests, who had never attended a live logging competition, have found themselves in the bleachers or the beer garden cheering for their favorite contestant.

If you also enjoy local festivities and events Why not join us at The Buckley Log Show September 18 and 19th 2021.

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